Saigers Tsunami - 1 x 6.5 Single Tub

Product ID: SCC-Tsunami-1tub

Saigers Tsunami Tile an Grout Cleaner is a high pH,"GIGANTIC WAVE of Clean" prespray! At the top of the pH scale, it's perfect for tile, grout, stone and concrete. It's also a great booster for super soiled Commercial, Poly, and Olefin carpets.  This is not safe for wool or 5th generation nylon. Take care to wipe residue off items you might come in contact with. BEWARE: this product can remove some wax finish off VCT surfaces.


Directions: Use only as directed. Pre-test in inconspicuous spot of surface to be cleaned to check if color will be affected.  Work in a well ventilated area. Keep kids and pets off of the cleaning area. Depending on soil levels mix 2-4 ounces (1-2 scoops) per gallon of warm to hot water. Best if applied pouring the solution in a puddle in the center of the area to be cleaned and move around with a mop or flat mop. Mask and protect any stainless steel. Allow 10-20 minutes of dwell time. Agiitation with a CRB or grout brush can speed up your cleaning process but Tsunami is powerful enough to not require agitation. Rinse solution clean using warm to hot water. For best results, use a rotary turbo tool or minimum hard surface cleaning wand. For carpet cleaning boosting add 2-8 ounces to you inline sprayer.


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