Saigers Sauce 10 Below 4 x 6.5 Pound Case

Product ID: SSC100408

Saiger's 10 Below Powdered Pre-Spray

“Take your cleaning out of the Ice Ages”

Saiger's 10 Below was a 3 year project to create the perfect safer cleaning formula that packs a punch for cleaning of Carpets, Tile and Grout and Upholstery.
(Not recommended for fine fabric upholstery). With the Saiger families relentless field testing, 10 below has emerged from the cold northern climates! Take your cleaning out of the Ice Ages with the new warranty safe and safer cleaning agent!


* 9.5 pH
* Carpet Warranty Safe formula, including Stain Resistant Carpets
* Unscented - No Odor present while in use except pleasing fresh scent
* Odor Eliminating Formula with no Perfumes or scents
* Incredible Cleaning Power giving high pH pre-sprays a run for their money!
* No Butyls, No d-limonene, No Solvents, No NTA's
* Safer Chemistry with true cleaning power!



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