Saiger's 2X Encap - Double Strength Encapsulant Cleaner Single 1 Gallon

Product ID: SSC180121

Saiger’s Sauce Encap 2X Double Strength Encapsulant


Saiger’s Sauce Encap 2X Double Strength Encapsulant Cleaner is a concentrated highly effective 9-10 pH cleaner, with revolutionary encapsulating polymers. The Encapsulants help to capture the soils, round off the soils jagged edges, and coat the carpet fibers for easier soil removal. This highly effective encapsulant also helps to coat the fibers to prevent re-soiling and wicking of stains. The Polymer will dry to a crystal for continued easy soil removal.  This is a very Low Odor product with a very light fresh citrus scent during cleaning.   

This product is effective with Color Fast wool (test for color fastness) and synthetic fibers. It may be used on fine fabrics during upholstery cleaning techniques. Pre-testing in an inconspicuous area recommended with any fine fabric.

For use with Bonnet, Rotary OP, Counter Rotating Brush, Cimex, 175, hand scrubbing or as a prespray for Hot Water Extraction. Can be used with a shower feed or as a pre-spray. (Helpful Tip: We recommend rinsing out your shower feed systems after use to prevent encap from plugging up the system) This product works very well when using absorbent pads for immediate removal of encapsulated soils.

Ph: 8-9 pH


  1. Depending on Soil level dilute using the following guide for mixing:

Light – Medium soils: 2-4 ounces per gallon of water

Medium – Heavy soils: 4-6 ounce per gallon of water

Extreme soils: 6-8 ounces per gallon of water

  1. Pre-spray (or shower feed) carpet and work in with your cleaning unit (Bonnet, OP, CRB, Cimex, 175, hand mitten) The product will dry to a soil encapsulating crystal once dry.
  2. You may vacuum when dry.
  3. For hot water extraction, prespray, agitate as normal and extract using Saiger’s Deep Blue All Purpose – All Fiber Rinse (or an acidic rinse agent).



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