CitraZov Powder Pre-spray 4 x 7.5 pound Case

Product ID: 808908

Super Strength Powder Pre-spray


CitraZov Powder is a super-strength high pH powder pre-spray that dissolves quickly and completely and will melt away the toughest carpet soils while imparting a nice citrus scent behind.  At 2oz per gallon you cannot beat the value and with premium ingredients like Percarbonate (Oxygen), Enzyme, D-limonene, boosted alkalinity (pH 12), and boosted Citrus fragrance it will perform at the highest level. This high alkaline formula will blast off grease and grime without extended dwell time. This will be your go to product for filthy restaurants, apartments, commercial and industrial properties. Also works great on olefin carpets as well as nylon..

  • Fortified with Citrus Oil (D-limonene)
  • Contains powdered Oxygen to fight stains
  • Enzyme fortified to attack organic residue

Appearance: White powder with citrus odor

pH: 11 to 12


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